Çanakkale-Tübingen Troia Foudation was established on the 9th August in 2004 by Prof. Dr. h.c. Manfred Osman Korfmann in Çanakkale. This foundation is affiliated with the Tübingen Troia Foundation. Tübingen Troia Foundation supports research and publication studies in Tübingen, while Çanakkale-Tübingen Troia Foundation promotes the research, excavation, restoration and preservation of Troia. Besides, the foundation opened the library of Prof. Korfmann. One of the important aims of the foundation is to open a museum in Troia.

The organs of the foundation involve the boards of trustees, directory and control. The board of trustees has seventeen members. The sudden death of the foundation head Prof. Korfmann and Prof. Dr. Suzan Erbaş made us very unhappy. We remember them in respect. After the death of Prof. Korfmann Prof. Dr. H.c. Muharrem Satır took his position as the head of the trustee board and, Enver Sadık Yılmaz was positioned as the head of the directory board.