The Troas Region has attracted the attention of people in every period of history and has always been a suitable geography to settle in due to its location. In this sense, it has hosted very important settlements that direct history. The most important of these settlements is Troia, our world famous ancient city. Except for Troia, archaeological excavations continue in many settlements belonging to different periods of the region. The most important of these are Assos (Behramkale), Alexandria Troas (Ezine), Apollon Smintheion (Gülpınar / Ayvacık), Parion (Biga), Maydos-Kilisetepe (Eceabat), Uğurlu-Zeytinlik (Gökçeada), Yenibademli (Gökçeada) excavations.

Our foundation has started to share information about the excavations on this page in order to introduce you to these excavations, which continue under the severe conditions of summer heat even during the epidemic period.